Aidan and Lowell’s Epic Fishing Adventure

The weather couldn’t have been better, we saw whales, and caught a ton of beautiful black Rockfish!  And crabs, amazing crabs.  Over two dozen!  So much fun.  We can’t wait to do it again!

Fishing from Pennsylvania 

Macen, Wyatt, and Kevin meanix.  Had and awesome time limiting out on bass. Pulling up doubles and even having several people hooked up at the same time. Got to see all kinds of great scenery and even some whales. Awesome … Continue reading

Big Waves, Big laughs Lots o’ fish and a Big Feast¬†

It all started around 5:15 and our group met and pondered how we get the boat in the water. We all got our life vests and were given some simple instructions to have a great time! We could tell right … Continue reading

Dory Fishing Famlies

The day started before sunrise. Pulling into the parking lot it was so dark you almost couldn’t see the dory just 20 feet away from you. Bailey, Linda, and Mike formed one group while Brie, Noah, and Noah Sr. were … Continue reading

Cody with an aqua body

The forecast the night before looked gloomy and treacherous. When we arrived at 5 am, the surf was calm and the wind was low. Mark promptly took us to a spot where we began to pull bass in like crazy. … Continue reading