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Dory fishing  Mike Brent Garrett Johnny

Mike Brent Garrett Johnny Great trip!  Caught our limits fast. Beautiful day for a fishing trip!       

Pacificcityfishing pacific coast

pacificciryfishing Pacific Ocean   Such a good time! Can’t believe I waited this long to try the dories. Beats the pants off the party boats! -Matt.  Doug and sons; Andrew, Charlie, Sam had a great time, our first Dory Trip! … Continue reading

Pacific city fishing PC 

Pacific city fishing PC   Russ, Cindy, IV and Race Seacat, MacKenzie MacTavish and Mason Delbridge (not pictured…already sleeping?) of Southlake “Go Dragons!” Texas.  Weathered the swells, the fog and the sand bars to reel in this bountiful catch.  Much … Continue reading

Pacific city dory fishing

pacific city dory fishing. My brother and I had a great time we caught our limit in rock fish. Caught cod and a quill back which was awesome. Great experience.        

Pacific city dory fishing solly

pacific city dory fishing solly.  When my dad asked me to go fishing with him I thought it would be just a simple little boat in a lake ( I was wrong). I woke up at 4am to get ready … Continue reading

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