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Pacific city fishing thanksgivingĀ 

Pacific city fishing thanksgiving. Kevin Tim and George great day fishing.      



Pacific city fishing with Lisa, Brenda, Matt, Marvin, and David

Pacific city fishing Lisa, Brenda, Matt, Marvin, and David. Went to the Pelican, met Mark, got ready for our first Dory Boat Launch. Headed out on the water at 8:00AM. Started catching fish right off the bat. Marvin caught the … Continue reading

Fishing Adventure in the Fog

Launched the Dory later on in the day with an almost perfectly flat ocean. A light fog came in as we drove around Haystack rock and caught a truck load of sea bass. During the final cast I caught something … Continue reading

An afternoon at sea

We did not get out before noon because we all slept in but we were still able to catch seven fish in a short amount of time. Landing was by far the best part. Eli, James, Spenser, and I had … Continue reading

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