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Family Get-together at Pacific City

Family Get-together at Pacific City Joined up with my brother in law’s family to spend some downtime with the nieces, nephews and grand babies.  Scott my brother in law had his heart set on fishing and crabbing but couldn’t go … Continue reading

Fishing dory boats pacific city

fishing dory boats pacific city.  I never had been ocean fishing before, but now I have. Wow it was so cool! There were a lot of fish. They smelled so gross! Mark walked me through the whole process on what … Continue reading

Pacific city fishing ocean

pacific city fishing ocean. Started out early right when the sun was coming up, which made for beautiful scenery and a really nice ride out into the ocean. Once getting to a good place to drop our lines the waves … Continue reading

My Dory fishing experience with Lytle Charters

Today was incredible! I had never been ocean fishing before, I was  amazed how much fun it was! What a thrill to catch three rockfish on the same line and then later I hooked a salmon! I would do this … Continue reading

Pacific city rock fishing

pacific city rock fishing. This was my very first experience dory fishing 

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