Dwyer and Eckart family fishing trip

Limit of crab by 5:45am. Fantastic. Went for bottom fish after that. There were 4 of us plus Captain Mark. Lots of room on boat. Even the boat launch in the morning was fun. Had to hit a lot of … Continue reading

Pacific city fishing

Pacific city fishing

Great Day Of Fishing

The ocean was very calm today and the sea bass and Ling COD were really hitting we limited on bass and caught about 6 COD it was A very fun day!!!

Unique Catch of The Day 

Basket starfish, a little oversized! Along with limits of Rock COD, Ling COD and 66 Sweet Crab. Say Good Times and thanx Mark!

My mom made me do it….

Funny the things you remember from your child hood. Born and raised in a small coastal town, to the delight of our mother, my dad would take us fishing almost every weekend. We would roll out of bed, pack a … Continue reading